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 Preservitives & Chemicals

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Preservitives & Chemicals Empty
PostSubject: Preservitives & Chemicals   Preservitives & Chemicals EmptyTue May 11, 2010 2:33 pm

Lots, if not most, groceries have preservatives, and growth stimulators/chemicals on, and in them. Is there even a possible way to avoid them? Sad
Ready foods have lots of preservatives in them, so we try to go to the fruits and veggies, but some have them too, and plus, the big and juicy ones for sure have growth stimulators or something to make them grow bigger. I was once about to eat a piece of store-bought chicken, and found a huge lump on it that looked like Cancer affraid
What do you think? Is the only way to eat healthy living on a farm or growing your own produce? If only everyone went the natural way, no one would have to worry about wether the food we eat is healthy or not...
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Preservitives & Chemicals
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